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Penpals information for children and parents

Handwriting at our school

Handwriting Aims and Resourcing
It is important for pupils to be able to write clearly and develop a fluent and legible handwriting style.   
We use the Penpals Hanwdriting scheme to teach handwriting skills throughout the school. Teachers will use a mixture of resources from the 'resources and assessment' books, 'extension resources' as well as 'pupil workbooks' and 'developing skills' books. Other resources may be used to extend or reinforce handwriting skills but will all be in line with the Penpals scheme.

We aim for pupils to be able to:
  • Form letters correctly
  • Use upper and lower case letters appropriately
  • Begin to use a joined style from Year 1
  • Use a correct and comfortable pencil/pen grip
  • Use either a handwriting or fountain pen from Year 5
Pupils are awarded a Pen Licence in Upper Key Stage 2 when their writing is consistently joined and at an appropriate level. We celebrate handwriting achievements and examples of handwriting can be seen on display throughout the school.
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