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Art/ Design & Technology


Don Miguel Ruiz

Art and Design & Technology at St Michael and St Martin School

Art and Design is not just a subject to learn but an activity that you can practise: with your hands, your eyes, your whole personality.”

[Quentin Blake, Children’s Laureate]


In teaching Art and DT we aim to:

  • enable children to become visually literate and understand that Art and DT is a form of communication
  • enable children to use a wide range of media to communicate ideas and feelings
  • nurture and harness creativity and acquire and develop a range of skills and techniques
  • develop children’s capacity for imaginative and original thought and to try out ideas without the fear of failing….there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in Art and DT!
  • enable children to become independent in the planning and reviewing of their work
  • enable children to develop their full potential confidently and independently.
    In the EYFS, Art and DT are incorporated in the area of learning entitled Creative Development. This runs alongside music, dance, role-play and imaginative play.  Creative Development is fundamental to successful learning.
    In both Key Stage 1 and 2, Art and Design & Technology will be taught on alternate half terms starting with Art in Autumn 1. We use Kapow Education as a scheme of work to teach stand-alone Art and Design & Technology. Kapow has lesson plans, teaching videos and advice to help get the best out of teaching and learning
    Throughout the school year, Art and Design & Technology will also be done on a cross-curricular basis to compliment RE, English, Maths, Science, History and Geography where appropriate. Children should experience opportunities to make connections between one area of learning and another and so extend their understanding.
    ICT is used to support Art and Design through Graphics software and the Internet.



In the Summer term we opened an Art Gallery where each year group displayed their own artwork adapted from a famous piece.