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Having covered all objectives from the KS2 English Curriculum, it is time to showcase your English reading and writing skills! Your upcoming lessons will provide you with the opportunity to embed what you have learned and give you the chance to apply your grammar knowledge within a range of written pieces. We will study some exciting texts as part of the Power of Reading:

  • Holes, an exciting novel, and The Highwayman, a traditional narrative poem, both of which will link well to our Crime and Punishment History topic
  • Wonder-  a contemporary novel which we’re sure that you may relate to in some way with the transition to a new school soon.  

During English lessons, we have worked hard to develop our reading skills and grammar knowledge and will continue to do so. We will also be providing lots of writing opportunities based on a range of stimuli to inspire you. You will write pieces across various genres: information texts, persuasive pieces, narratives and discursive writing.  There will be cross-curricular writing tasks too!