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In English, we will continue to practise the Year 5 grammatical terminology and apply this within our writing. At this point of the year, the Year 5 and 6 common exception words have been embedded within our curriculum and the children will now need to continue with revising these in preparation for Year 6. ‘The Explorer’ is our new text for the beginning of the term. The lessons will provide the children with a range of opportunities to develop their writing for different text types. The book is a modern classic of an adventure that will not only transport us away from the classroom to the Amazon, but also spark the imaginations of all of the young explorers in our class! The pupils will have lots of writing opportunities when we venture into the Victorian period and look at an adaptation of ‘Oliver Twist’ and our Power of Reading text, ‘Street Child’. We will also continue to support children to develop their reading comprehension skills by completing weekly guided comprehensions in class and within homework tasks.