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Maths in our School

Here at St Michael & St Martins we truly value how developing a good grounding and strength in numeracy will help support our children as they progress throughout their education, and into their adult lives.

Each year group undertakes a minimum of 5 hours of numeracy lessons each week, which cover a wide range of topics including; basic number & understanding, shapes, space & measure in KS1, and more developed applied mathematics in KS2.

Lessons are taught in an engaging way with practical and interactive tasks, which show how maths can be applied and helps embed the learning.

We challenge and encourage our children to partake in mental math tasks, teaching them to make calculations in their heads.

We keep maths simmering throughout the day by introducing mini maths games which engage and excite the children. 

We aim to help each child, whichever level, by breaking down any fears they may have around numeracy through encouragement and support, and a belief that all our children can learn to love maths like we do :)