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Good Shepherd Mass - Wednesday 5th July 2017

On Wednesday morning, the Chaplaincy Team left our school to go to Westminster Cathedral to celebrate the Good Shepherd Mass. We took the Underground with Mrs Fernandes and Mrs Franek which was really exciting. Eventually we arrived at Victoria Station which was really busy, but at the same time, it was wonderful. Together we walked to Westminster Cathedral and were one of the first schools to arrive. The Cathedral was a magnificent building that overlooked the crowded streets of London Victoria. As we entered the Cathedral, we were greeted by some of the staff from the Catholic Children’s Society who ushered us to our seats. We were even more excited as we got to sit in the front row! While we waited, Bishop John Sherrington came to talk to us and welcome us to the Cathedral. Father Keith Stoakes, another priest who was there, mentioned that during the Cathedral Mass, we would sing the Celtic Alleluia and he taught us the sign language that matched with the hymn. |

Mass was amazing as we felt we were right in the presence of God. The music from the organ and the sound of many children singing flooded the Cathedral, which was full, all the way to the back row! Akio and Amelia go to take up a gift during the Offertory. At the end of the Mass, we got to meet Bishop John and take a photo with him. We had a wonderful day and would love to visit Westminster Cathedral again!

By Anisha 5M and Amelia 3LS