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Religious Education

Religious Education


During RE lessons within the first half of Summer term, the children will be focusing on the topic From Easter to Pentecost. They will be learning to make links to religious belief in the resurrection of Jesus as expressed in Mark’s account of the event. Children will look for reasons why Mark finished writing at Verse 8 before seeking how this would have impacted the Early Christian Community. We will then move focus to Pentecost before looking at Catholic Martyrs - The Tyburn Martyrs. This will enable children to see others who have stood up for their faith and cover all elements of “Speaking up for your faith.” The topic will enable the children to develop spiritually in the following ways: by showing a sense of wonder about the resurrection and the coming of the Holy Spirit through the Pentecost story; demonstrating an appreciation of the work of the Holy Spirit in their own lives; and how the Martyrs who have gone before us have allowed us to live out our faith today.


Our topic for the second half of Summer term will be The Kingdom of Heaven. The children will explore a sense of the relationship between learning about faith and living faith-filled lives. They will develop respect for those who actively seek the kingdom of God and a commitment to action for the kingdom of God. They will describe and make links between Scripture and human experience and talk about, ask and respond to questions about their experiences of, and feelings about, the kingdom of God before studying Nelson Mandela as a man who lived his whole life in response to his belief.