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Year 6

6P’s Class Assembly: The  Rosary and  our History Topic- World  War II

During our class assembly, we  shared  what we  know about praying the  Rosary. We  explored  each  of the  mysteries of the  Rosary (the  Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful  and  Glorious mysteries) further by creating freeze-frames of each  story that is remembered  during the  Rosary.

We  emphasised  the  importance  of taking time  to meditate  and  pray to God  and  identified  that October, the  month  of the  Rosary, is a  good  time  to strengthen  our relationship  with  God  further.  We  know that through  offering our prayers to Mary, our Mother, God  will  give  us the  strength  that we  need  to face  any challenges which  we  need  to overcome.

We  decided  as a  class to sing ‘As I Kneel  Before You’ as this is a  hymn  which  reminds us of God’s love  and  the  importance  of offering our prayers through  Mary.  

The  second  part of our assembly celebrated  our learning during our History topic: World  War II. We  decided  to focus on  evacuation  as we  recognise  that evacuation  would  have  been  something which  could  have  affected  us all  if we  were alive  at the  time of war. We  worked  together to create  a  role-play of a  typical  London  family whose  children  were evacuated. We  then  shared  a  bit about our Power of Reading book, ‘The Boy in  the  Striped  Pyjamas.’ We  noted  that WWII was a  heart-breaking time  as war tears families apart. We  learned  a  famous wartime  song by Vera  Lynn, ‘We’ll  Meet Again,’ which  we  sang for the  audience-bringing many to tears!

Finally, we  offered  our prayers to God  and  remembered  those  who were, and  are still, affected  by war. As a  class, we  decided  to sing Titanium  as we  know that God  gives us the  strength  to be  resilient and  that with  God’s love  and  strength  we  can  never be  defeated.

We  thoroughly enjoyed  our class assembly and  we  think  the  audience  did  too! It truly was a  team  effort!

6C’s Class Assembly –Laudato Si and Animal Welfare - 04/10/2019

Our assembly focused on Laudato Si (A letter written by pope Francis about caring for our “Common Home” also known as Earth) We worked together to share our ideas and helped plan the assembly with Mr. Cassidy. We wanted to make sure that we delivered this very important message are creatively as possible to make sure people understood that everyone can make a positive impact

Jaiden, Gabrielle, Roisin, Mark and Jael

We started off by explaining Pope Francis’’ letter and making sure that everyone knew that we as Christians today have a vital role to play when it comes to caring for our common home. We carried out some Freeze frames to help people gain a deeper understanding.

We as a class chose the song “How Great thou Art” as we felt it helped us to reflect on creation and all that God has done for us, and that we should respect and love the earth.

Jasmeen, Alba, Rafael, Darius, Joela and Tommy

We welcomed everyone through prayer and songs, singing “Seek ye first” helping to have everyone in the right mind-set for prayer. Our assembly consisted of a skit, which the audience seemed to love. We created our own M&M’s Newsround and a M&M’s debate team to deal with the controversial topic – Zoo’s. We choose Andy Grammar – Don’t give up on me as our final song. We felt that the words in the song were relevant to the Earth and Animals asking us humans to take control and to not give up, that we all can make a difference and fix these problems before they become irreversible.

Jaiden, Amelia, Ashleyn, Samuel, Ethan and Ashanty