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On Wednesday (28th June) we had a teddy bears picnic! It was lovely to see all the soft toys that the children brought to school. We all shared snacks together and had a friendly and caring time together.

Nursery Sports Day was a very enjoyable day for everyone! there were lots of different races and the children were fantastic! The weather was a bit cooler but still very warm. Thank you to all the families who came to watch and well done for those who joined in the racing. Everyone was a winner!

The children have learned about growing plants and looking after them. We all worked very hard to take out old weeds from the plant troughs and put new soil in. Each child then planted a begonia and took care of them by watering them. They enjoyed looking at the begonias carefully each day and were very excited when the stems and the leaves started to grow more. It was a very exciting time when the children noticed different colour flowers peeping through. The begonias are now fully grown and look beautiful in our garden. Can you spot the bumble bee?

The children have recently started doing PE with Chris on Friday. They have lots of fun and really enjoy themselves!

On Friday (5th May) we were very lucky to have a visit form Ark Farm. We were all very excited and couldn't wait for Friday to arrive! As you can see from the photos the children learned a lot from having access to real animals. They had the opportunity to touch them and compare them to each other and to farm animals they had already seen in photos at school. We had a pony, a mummy sheep with her baby lambs, goats, geese, chickens, a very affectionate pig and a couple of friendly dogs! The children all had a turn riding the pony too! Inside the classroom the children sang songs and made piggy biscuits.

Making piggy biscuits!

Welcome to Nursery!

Class Teacher: Ms Mitra

Nursery Nurse: Mrs Franek


At St Michael and St. Martin we want your child's first experience of school to be happy and exciting where they discover and learn through play in a stimulating environment.


To enable young children to make good progress in their learning we build upon the skills they have when they join the school in Nursery. The children have opportunities to develop emotional security, their self-belief and social skills. Our aim is to assist all the children to develop a love of learning and an excitement about coming to school each day.


At St Michael and St Martin School there is a whole school initiative to raise the standards of reading across the school. We would like the children to build a love for books from their very first experiences at our school. The children in Nursery will start to change their books and take their bookbags home everyday. Please encourage them to look at their books daily. Ask them to tell you what they can see on the front cover and in the pictures throughout the book. Ask them to think about what is happening in the story and what they think will happen next. Please could you make a comment about a book that your child has read at least once a week.



Our Topics for the summer term are:

  • Spring and summer seasons
  • Farm animals
  • Animals and their babies
  • Plants, flowers and gardening

We will be reading 'What the Ladybird Heard', 'Farmyard Hullabaloo', Old Macdonald' and some other farmyard stories. The children will be thinking about how the weather is changing as spring turns into summer and the new things that come to life. They will be learning about baby animals and how seeds are planted and grow into shrubs and plants. The children will do a variety of activities across the curriculum around these topics.


In Maths we will use songs and rhymes to help teach about numbers and counting and simple number problems. The children will be comparing things by size and look at differences in height and length. They will be using coins in the shop outside and will learn about using money to buy items.


In Phonics we will continue with phase 2 letter sounds and rhyming words. These letter sounds will be taught through practical games and the children will encouraged to make the shapes of the letter in their play and on whiteboards and paper. We will also be using sounds that they have learned to start blending to read CVC words.


Religious Education

Our RE topic this half term is called, ‘From Easter to Pentecost'. The children will come to know that God loves each one always and at all times and recognise that prayer is talking and listening to God. The children will listen to the Easter story and learn that Jesus died on the cross and came back to life. As May is the month of Mary, the children will learn how important Mary the mother of God is and will make a special picture of Mary with flowers to represent her beauty .






The Early Years Foundation Stage overview:

In Nursery and Reception classes we support children in three prime areas:

  • Personal, social and emotional development

  • Physical development

  • Communication and language

These three prime areas are strengthened and applied through the following specific areas:

  • Literacy

  • Mathematics

  • Understanding the world

  • Expressive arts and design


Each prime and specific area is further divided into related aspects.

Personal, Social and emotional development involves helping children to develop a positive sense of themselves, and others; to form positive relationships and develop respect for others; to develop social skills and learn how to manage their feelings; to understand appropriate behaviour in groups; and to have confidence in their own abilities.

PSED is made up of these aspects:

  • Self-confidence and self-awareness
  • Managing feelings and behaviour
  • Making relationships



Physical development involves providing opportunities for young children to be active and interactive; and to develop their co-ordination, control, and movement.  Children must also be helped to understand the importance of physical activity, and to make healthy choices in relation to food.

PD is made up of these aspects:

  • Moving and handling
  • Health and self-care



Communication and Language development involves giving children opportunities to experience a rich language environment; to develop their confidence and skills in expressing themselves; and to speak and listen in a range of situations.

CL is made up of these aspects:

  • Listening and attention
  • Understanding
  • Speaking



Literacy development involves encouraging children to link sounds and letters and to begin to read and write.  Children must be given access to a wide range of reading materials (books, poems, and other written materials) to ignite their interest.

LD is made up of these aspects:

  • Reading
  • Writing


involves providing children with opportunities to develop and improve their skills in counting, understanding and using numbers, calculating simple addition and subtraction problems; and to describe shapes, spaces and measures.

MD is made up of these aspects:

  • Numbers
  • Shapes, space and measures


Understanding the world 
involves guiding children to make sense of their physical world and their community through opportunities to explore, observe and find out about people, places, technology and the environment.

UW is made of these aspects:

  • People and communities
  • The World
  • Technology



Expressive arts and design involves enabling children to explore and play with a wide range of media and materials, as well as providing opportunities and encouragement for sharing their thoughts, ideas and feelings through a variety of activities in art, music, movement, dance, role-play and design and technology.

EAD is made of these aspects:

  • Exploring and using media and materials
  • Being imaginative.



As Headteacher and on behalf of all the members of St Michael & St Martin School community, I would like to welcome you to our school website. Within our school, we seek to create a supportive and friendly environment, where each child has the opportunity to develop spiritually, intellectually and socially.