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Year 6

Welcome to Year  6

The teachers in Year 6 are:
Miss Ponter (6P)
Miss Mitchell (6M)


Also working in Year 6 are:

Mrs Feddersen-Doyle

Mrs Milinska

Miss Esteban

Yr 6 PGL Trip to Osmington Bay - Snap Shots

Yr 6 PGL Trip to Osmington Bay - Snap Shots 1
Yr 6 PGL Trip to Osmington Bay - Snap Shots 2
Yr 6 PGL Trip to Osmington Bay - Snap Shots 3
Yr 6 PGL Trip to Osmington Bay - Snap Shots 4
Yr 6 PGL Trip to Osmington Bay - Snap Shots 5
Yr 6 PGL Trip to Osmington Bay - Snap Shots 6
Yr 6 PGL Trip to Osmington Bay - Snap Shots 7
Yr 6 PGL Trip to Osmington Bay - Snap Shots 8
Yr 6 PGL Trip to Osmington Bay - Snap Shots 9


Welcome to Year 6’s class page

We have had a busy start to the summer term – SATs are looming ever closer as we continue to cover the objectives within the KS2 curriculum. Not long to go before the celebrations begin and the production practises get under way!



In English we have worked hard on our reading and grammar in preparation for the SATs and will continue to focus on this throughout the first half of the summer term. After the SATS, we will switch the focus to our writing and will be working on various text types including: information, persuasion, narrative and poetry – for the remainder of the summer term.



This term marks the start of our preparation for our Year 6 production! We will be rehearsing daily for this exciting event and look forward to showcasing our talents in the second last week of the summer term.



We are very much looking forward to our Year 6 residential trip to Osmington Bay, Dorset in June. We have some very exciting activities planned which will enable children to gain more confidence and also practise team building skills, with the transition to secondary school in mind. Keep an eye on the website for updates during our time away!



As the year progresses, we still maintain our high standards of behaviour and manners. It is important to remember that even when the SATS are over and our focus turns to the productions, we continue to expect all children to demonstrate a high standard of behaviour at all times in order to create a safe, respectful and happy learning environment.

Each class has participated in the process of making a set of ‘Golden Rules.’ The children have agreed to follow the rules as they understand that this will help their learning.

Respecting each other and all members of staff is expected and reflects the ethos of our school.

The children are required to listen carefully and to develop their self-control and concentration in class and in the playground.

Working together with parents and guardians plays a big part in establishing good relationships and standards of behaviour.



At present, we continue to set a fair volume of homework focusing on Reading, Grammar and Maths, to enable children to have full coverage of all of the KS2 objectives likely to come up in the SATS tests.

In preparation for secondary school in September, we are encouraging children to take an active role in their own learning. During the second half of the summer term the homework focus will be on practising lines/songs/dances and occasional project based work. We expect the children to take responsibility over their own learning and to organise their workload accordingly. Failure to submit homework on time will result in detention.


Thank you for your continued support! J

As Headteacher and on behalf of all the members of St Michael & St Martin School community, I would like to welcome you to our school website. Within our school, we seek to create a supportive and friendly environment, where each child has the opportunity to develop spiritually, intellectually and socially.