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Year 4

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Welcome to Year 4

The teachers in Year 4 are:
Mrs Ali (4A)
Mr Cantelo (4C)


Also working in Year 4 are:

 Mrs Straczek and Mrs Pinto

Summer Term


This term we have been exploring the book Christophe’s story. The story focuses on significant themes such as bullying, war and refugee status. The children will be exploring the text in a variety of ways and will be inspired to create their own writing based on the text in a range of forms.

Guided Reading:

After a very successful term looking at individual reading skills through the Reciprocal Reading scheme, we are now moving on to independently using these in our Guided Reading sessions.

Children are now applying these skills in groups, each taking on a role of a different reading skill.

We are also looking at building the childrens reading stamina. To support this please ensure your child is reading for at least 15 minutes everyday.


Pupils will be following the Penpals Handwriting programme and focussing on joining letters in all written work.


Pupils will be completing multiple comprehension tasks in order to improve their understanding and inference of texts.

Editing and evaluating work

After ‘Big Writes’ pupils are now beginning to use a green pen to check and edit their work to improve accuracy and spelling. This also re-enforces children to edit their work prior to it’s completion.

Guided Reading

Reading skills will be explicitly taught to the children as well as developing inference of a carefully chosen text


We have been focusing on continuing our understanding in numbers.

We have been focusing on using number and operations within everyday situations through word problems and investigations. Focus: Mathematical vocabulary

In addition to this we will aslo be looking at and describing movements of positions on a 2D grid with 2-4 quadrants, of translations of a given unit.


In science this term we have been exploring the topic of Sound. We know that sound is all around us, but where does it come from? We looked into how sound is created and also how it travels.

We will be getting creative in science by designing and making our own instruments using everyday materials found at home. The sound was generated in many different ways, through banging, blowing, plucking and tapping.

In Summer Term 2 we will be looking at the topic of ‘Animals including Humans.


In Geography the children will be learning about the region of Catalonia and its’ features. They will begin to explore and gain a better understanding of tourism and how it affects and aids different regions.

In history the children will begin to explore the history of the City of London along with their local area.


  • Spellings takes place on Wednesdays

  • This term is Year 4’s swimming lessons alternating Fridays

  • PE Wednesday mornings



Homework: Will be given out on Fridays to be returned on Mondays.

Homework includes:

  • Spellings

  • English (comprehension based)

  • Grammar

  • Maths

RE homework is handed out on Monday to be returned on Thursday.


Reading: Children should be reading for approximately 30mins per night. 15 mins independently and 15 mins aloud to a parents or guardian.

Italian Homework: Children are given a small homework task, which is given on a Tuesday. This is due to be returned Wednesday.

Spelling: Pupils receive weekly spelling homework on a Thursday. Pupils have a to learn these for a test the following week.


  • Spellings takes place on Thursday morning.

  • Year 4 have Italian lessons on a Tuesday

  • PE Tuesday Afternoon with Mr Bell. Kits are to be brought in on a Monday and to be taken home on a Friday.

  • Pen Licenses: If your child is awarded a pen license, the class teacher will provide your child with a pen and his/her pen license. Once this pen has run out, it is then the children’s responsibility to then bring in their own blue pen to use. Berol/ Pilot Friction pens are very child friendly.

As Headteacher and on behalf of all the members of St Michael & St Martin School community, I would like to welcome you to our school website. Within our school, we seek to create a supportive and friendly environment, where each child has the opportunity to develop spiritually, intellectually and socially.