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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5


The teachers in Year 5 are:
Miss Murphy (5M)
Miss Esteban (5E)


Also working in Year 5 are:

Mrs Dudzinski

Mrs Bowman


Welcome to Year 5’s class page!

We have had a fantastic start to Summer term in Year 5. The children are learning about many topics in history and science, such as Living Things and their Habitats, kicking off a great start to this topic with projects from over Easter, and exploring the formation of Rivers in Geography.

Religious Education

The children have been learning about Passover and the events of Easter from Mark’s Gospel. By the end of the topic they will have developed their knowledge on the story of the Passover, and Easter and understand the purpose of Mark’s Gospel.



In English, we are exploring ‘Explanation Text’ – focusing on the features of an explanation texts and the purpose of the text.

We will be creating our own ‘Cracking Contraptions’ in order to help ‘Wallace and Gromit’ after a terrible theft of their explanation texts and blue prints of their crazy inventions.

Keep posted to hear about our design ideas!

Guided Reading

We will continue to provide the children with a range of text types to apply their reading skills to. The key reading skills are as follows:

  • Predicting

  • Asking questions

  • Clarifying (Spot breakdowns and try to mend them)

  • Summarising (put important items together)

  • Infering using clues

  • Making connections to background knowledge

    Reading skills will be explicitly taught to the children as well as developing inference of a carefully chosen text.



    In maths, we have been learning how to use formal methods to multiply and divide. The children have used long multiplication to multiply numbers up to four digits by a two digit number. They also have been dividing numbers with remainders. Throughout the term, we will revise the key basic skills of mathematics, including place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We continue to encourage the children to be proficient in their times tables.


    The children are learning about the formation of rivers and features of rivers.

    Children will:

    -Use of correct terminology

    -identify different sources of water

    We will also be learning about the Anglo Saxons.

    The children are covering many aspects of the Anglo Saxons civilisation including how the civilisation started as well as comparing the similarities and differences between The Anglo Saxons and the Vikings.


    In science, Year 5 are studying the properties and changes of material. The children will be testing properties of materials along with looking at mixtures and solutions. To further develop their knowledge they will have the opportunity to cclassify materials under the relevant heading and describe their properties.

    Our upcoming topic in science will be ‘Earth & Space’. The children will be learning about the solar system and how day and night occurs on planet Earth.

    As well as this we will be looking at ‘Living things and their Habitats’. We will be looking at the different habitats of different animals, as well as this looking at the life cycle of different animals and making comparisons.


    We encourage all children to demonstrate a high standard of behaviour at all times in order to create a safe, respectful and happy learning environment.

    Each class has participated in the process of making a set of ‘Golden Rules.’ The children have agreed to follow the rules as they understand that this will help their learning.

    Respecting each other and all members of staff is expected and reflects the ethos of our school.

    The children are required to listen carefully and to develop their self-control and concentration in class and in the playground.

    Working together with parents and guardians plays a big part in establishing good relationships and standards of behaviour.


    Children are expected to complete their homework to a high standard and hand it in on the due day. They have a timetable which shows the when the homeworks are due.

    Homework includes:

  • RE

  • Spellings

  • English

  • Maths

  • Reading

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to the upcoming term!

Every end has a new beginning’


As Headteacher and on behalf of all the members of St Michael & St Martin School community, I would like to welcome you to our school website. Within our school, we seek to create a supportive and friendly environment, where each child has the opportunity to develop spiritually, intellectually and socially.