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Here are some activities that the children have been doing in Reception.

Welcome to Reception!


Reception teachers:

Mrs Goulding (RG)

Miss Gostelow  (RGo)


Nursery Nurses:

Mrs Hannon and Mrs Doyle


Reception is the second year of the Early Years Foundation Stage and is known as Foundation 2. As in Nursery, we follow a number of key areas called the Early Learning Goals. To enable the children to make good progress in their learning we build upon the skills that they have developed in Nursery. The children's learning are experienced through play both inside and outside where we do a lot of fun activities including baking, planting, looking after our vegetable patch, caring for chicks, the Christmas Nativity and our class assemblies in the spring term.


The achievements of each child are recorded in an early years profile to show progression towards reaching the Early Learning Goals. Parents are encouraged to contribute to their child's profile by filling out a 'star moment' which can then be passed onto the teacher. 


Spring Term 2017:

In Reception we have been very busy learning new sounds and numbers. We have explored our new school Forest and love our Muddy Mondays! Our topic this term is called 'Into the Winter Forest'. We are busy creating and painting our own winter world. This term we will be reading the story The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo’s Child and learning all about animals live in the Winter wood.


Phonics and Literacy:

We are busy working hard learning our phonics sounds everyday and we love to use our sounds to read and write. Our target this term is to be able to write  simple sentences idependently using a capital letter at the beginning and full stop at the end. Every Monday we practise this when we write our weekend news.


Religious Education:

We have been learning all about a special prayer called the Our Father and what the prayer means. We are learning to say the prayer and listen to the special words, we learn that Jesus taught us this prayer so that we can talk to God.


In our Maths lessons we have been learning a number a week, we have now counted up to 9. In our maths lessons we have been learning to add, subtract, tell the time and use money with our number of the week.

During our Muddy Monday sessions we have been sorting and classifying natural objects; measuing the hieght of the tree and we are busy planting in our area ready for Spring. Our next project is to make bird feeders and a bug hotel to encourage Gods creatures to come to our forest. Please remember your waterproof trousers, wellies, hats and gloves every Monday.


General Reminders:

Please refer closely to the letter sent home about changes to the Reading policy at St Michael and St Martin’s School.


  • Book bags are now to be in school and sent home daily. The children will have a free choice book to be shared with an adult every night (perfect for bedtime stories). You do not need to comment on their free choice book unless you wish to do so.

  • On Tuesdays and Fridays the children will take home their reading scheme book. Please return on |Monday and Thursday in the blue plastic folder. Please ensure that your child’s book bag is in school on these days and that their reading records are signed each time they read a reading scheme book at home.

  • Some children are now receiving Spellings these are given out on Friday and tested every Friday.







As Headteacher and on behalf of all the members of St Michael & St Martin School community, I would like to welcome you to our school website. Within our school, we seek to create a supportive and friendly environment, where each child has the opportunity to develop spiritually, intellectually and socially.