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Chaplaincy Team

              The chaplaincy Team

How I became a part of the Chaplaincy Team:

Last year in year 4 I had got into so much trouble, week after week I would get a detention. In the Summer holidays I thought about my behaviour and I decided to change. I told my friend and he offered to help me and teach me how to be a role model to others.

The things I have done since I became a part of the Chaplaincy Team:

The Chaplaincy team and I went to Westminster Cathedral to sing Carols on the 12 th December.

What it is all about?

The Chaplaincy Team are trying to make us aware of God’s love for us and how he sent his only son, Jesus our Lord, down to Earth to forgive us for our sins and how he became ‘The Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world’. We are a Team who are trying to make children realise God’s love for us.

What we hope for the people around us:

We hope that everyone lives in love and peace. We also hope that everyone on Earth realises there is only one true God.

What it means to us:

To me personally I think the Chaplaincy team is a good way to share your ideas and thoughts about our religion, and a way of being part of something greater than myself.

by Jerald Jose 5E

Picture 1

Our Trip to Westminster Cathedral - Angel Song

By Jack Gallagher, Jerald Jose & Dominika Krolik

On the 12 th December The Chaplaincy Team went to Westminster Cathedral to sing Carols to accompany a dramatisation of the Nativity. The experience was extreme! As we walked through the doors, we were dumbfounded by the colossal size of the majestic building.

As the Nativity story began, we were filled with joy as the Angel Gabriel began to speak to all the children in the Cathedral. We were very impressed by how good the actors were and we loved the carols but the thing we were really amazed by was the real donkey and sheep that were brought in. On the way out we stopped to listen to a rendition of Silent Night played on the steel drums. We were amazed by the unusual instruments they were playing with. As we went out of the Cathedral we looked back at it and we were astonished and grateful that we were given the chance to be there out of so many people from the school.

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