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Reading at St Michael and St Martin


Throughout the week your child will have many opportunities to practice and develop their reading skills. We utilise different strategies of teaching reading during the school week. We are also grateful for the fantastic support that parents and relatives provide at home. Any extra time spent on reading at home will have a positive impact on your child’s progress at school. We ask that you encourage your child to read at home daily and read to your child as often as possible, particularly in the Early Years and KS1.

Please do not forget to sign their reading records to let the teachers know how they are progressing.

Your child will receive a levelled reading book and their progress through the bookbands will be monitored closely by their class teacher. Teachers are looking for your child to be mostly fluent (only sounding out approximately 1 in every 10 words) and to be able to answer a range of questions about the page/ a given section or the whole book. You can help your child at home by asking relevant questions as you read. When children are reading confidently and they are ready to become a ‘free reader’ they will choose their own chapter books to read and enjoy at home.


Reading skills develop before writing skills and are also essential in helping children to access the learning taking place across other curriculum areas. The 2014 curriculum meant many changes to how reading was taught and assessed. The objectives which the children are expected to meet have become even more challenging. You can find links to the reading objectives for your child’s year group on this page.Please also find on this page a summary of some of the main ways in which reading is taught here at St Michael and St Martin.

World Book Day Competition

The pupils at St Michael & St Martin Catholic Primary School LOVE reading! Here is our entry video to the World Book Day Competition. We hope you enjoy watching it. Congratulations to Coleen (Year 3) for winning the school's competition to write a song/rap with the title, 'Where Does Reading Take You?'

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