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Our Curriculum

Our Diverse Curriculum  

At St Michael and St Martin School, we use a combination of the Development Matters scheme in EYFS and follow the National Curriculum in KS1 and KS2. We use the Kapow scheme of work to help teachers with planning and ideas, and to ensure that all key Art skills are taught throughout the time a child is in our school. As Kapow is a scheme used throughout the school, children are well versed with the way Art is taught in the school with the learning expectations and outcomes progressing through the years. 


Children all have a sketchbook to showcase their plans and artwork pieces. Alongside this each year group has a floorbook to highlight their art skills and different artist studies they have completed as a class. Each lesson has a Learning Criteria and steps to success at varied differentiation to ensure all children are able to reach the lessons goal. Work is then displayed either in the classroom displays or stuck into sketchbooks.