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Year 6

Year 6 Home Learning Timetable- Week 2- Week Commencing 30th March 2020

Year 6 English Lessons- Week Beginning 30th March 2020

Year 6 RE Lessons- Week 2 Wednesday and Friday

Topic Home Learning Grid- Arctic and Antarctic

This home learning grid has 13 exciting research-based activities all about the topic 'Antarctic and Arctic' for you to complete!

Try to complete one activity each day from Monday 23rd March- Friday 3rd April. 

Try your best and remember to present your work neatly!

Year 6 Home Learning Timetable -Week 1- Week Commencing 23rd March 2020

Wednesday 25th March RE Lesson Powerpoint

Answers 10 Minute Reading Tests- Tests 2-6

Welcome to Year  6

The teachers in Year 6 are:
Miss Ponter (6P)
Mr Cassidy(6C


Also working in Year 6 are:

Mrs Feddersen-Doyle

Miss Esteban

Mrs Milinska

Mrs Dudzinski


Welcome to Year 6’s class page!



We have a very busy term ahead of us in Year 6 with lots of exciting topics to cover and knowledge to learn!


We are ready for the challenges of Spring term and have discussed strategies we can adopt to help us reach our full potential. We know a resilient attitude towards challenges and a Growth Mindset will help us grow academically and socially!


As we are becoming more mature, we will be taking greater ownership over our own learning and working with more independence. Identifying our individual areas to practise and revise will help us to further our understanding and gain confidence. The useful links on this class page as well as SATs Companion will help with this! 


Religious Education

We have started our new topic: ‘People of Prayer’ and will be learning about ‘The Beatitudes.’  Within this unit, the children will gain a deeper understanding of the eight Beatitudes which Jesus declared on Mount Sinai; they will explore the importance of these and the significant impact that they can have on our lives as Christians today. They will gain a deeper understanding of the Lord’s Prayer and the Avinu Malkeynu.

Following on from this, in Spring 2, the children will be studying their new topic ‘From Lent to Easter.’ We will be discussing how we as Christians prepare for the Death and Resurrection of Jesus and the Salvation provided by Our Lord. We will be learning about the Stations of the Cross in greater depth.



During English, we will be studying some new quality Power of Reading texts which will also inspire our writing: Shackleton’s Journey- which will further enhance our Geography topic about the Earth’s Poles and the Antarctic- and Kensuke’s Kingdom which will inspire some creative narrative writing. The children will be writing a range of text types including a biography, persuasive advertisement, story, newspaper report and non-chronological report. We will later cover Poetry where we will read, sequence and recite poems. The children will write a dialogue poem, inspired by Shakleton’s experiences and a poem in the Ottava Rima form. The pupils will be analysing and identifying rhyme schemes and familiarising themselves with figurative language which will help them to write their own descriptive poems.

As ever, reading a wider variety of text types and genres for pleasure is of the utmost importance. All children should be reading for at least 20 minutes each night.



This term, the children will be covering all aspects of shape and measurement. They will learn about algebra, ratio and proportion and time. We will be revising the basic key skills of Mathematics this term which includes the following: place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division as well as fractions, decimals and percentages. We are starting to prepare for our SATs with arithmetic fluency and reasoning practice in our lessons. We continue to encourage the children to be proficient in their times tables as this is something which is vital for every aspect of Mathematics. We encourage the children to utilise TimesTable Rockstars as this is a fun way to revise times tables and increase their speed and accuracy. Children are also encouraged to use SATs Companion to continue to revise and deepen their mathematical knowledge.




Throughout this term, children will be gaining a deeper understanding of the world we live in today. The children will be focusing on the topic ‘Poles Apart.’ During our time studying the topic, we will be looking at our earth's hemispheres, and understanding the equator and the impact it has on the Earth’s weather. We will be locating places in an atlas or on a globe in relation to the Equator, the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn and latitude and longitude. We will relate this to time zone, climate, seasons and vegetation. We will be describing what the climate of a region is like and how plants and animals are adapted to it and considering how human activity is influenced by climate and weather. With the current issues surrounding global warming, this topic will give us a good opportunity to consider the hazards of physical environments and their management, such as avalanches and melting ice-caps.



During this term, the children will continue to focus on Light and Dark. Children will deepen their understanding of how light travels and how the human eye utilises this to enable us to see. The children will continue to make observations in many ways and record their findings in an appropriate manner.

As the term continues, the children will look at ‘Animals including Humans’. Here they will be able to use their knowledge they attained in the Autumn term to deepen their overall understanding. The children will look at how animals, and even plants, have evolved over time to increase their chances of survival. Children will be given the chance to design their own animal, and explain how it will have to adapt in specific conditions and climates to survive.



It is never too early to begin revising steadily for the SATs tests. Being organised and prepared will help the children feel confident in their abilities during the week of their SATs. After learning a concept during the school day, we are encouraging the children to revise the topic at home to help them recall their prior learning. There are some helpful grammar and maths videos and links on this Year 6 website page for you to use at home.


We encourage all children to demonstrate a high standard of behaviour at all times in order to create a safe, respectful and happy learning environment.

Each class has participated in the process of making a set of ‘Golden Rules.’ The children have agreed to follow the rules as they understand that this will help their learning.

Respecting each other and all members of staff is expected and reflects the ethos of our school.

The children are required to listen carefully and to develop their self-control and concentration in class and in the playground.

Working together with parents and guardians plays a big part in establishing good relationships and standards of behaviour.


The children continue to be enthusiastic about our system for house points, e-praise, which rewards positive behaviour!



We are encouraging children to take an active role in their own learning as they will soon be coming to the end of their time at primary school. We will be giving out a larger volume of homework- both weekly and during the holidays. We expect the children to take responsibility for their own learning and to organise their workload accordingly. Failure to submit homework on time will result in an immediate detention. Remember to check SATs Companion too!


Thank you for your continued support!