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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6’s class page!


Welcome back to school Year 6 for Summer term! We hope that you are all ready for your final term at St Michael and St Martin and feeling rested after the Easter break. We have some interesting topics and texts to be covered over the next few weeks so there will be plenty to keep you occupied!


Year 6 Leavers Video 2020


Within this area, you will be able to find all the home learning tasks we have planned during the current school closure. 


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Year 6 Home Learning Timetable- Week 3 - Week Commencing 20th April 2020

Topic Home Learning Grid- Summer 1- Circulatory System and Crime and Punishment

This home learning grid has 12 exciting research-based activities all about your History topic 'Crime and Punishment'  and Science topic 'Circulatory System' for you to complete!

Try to complete one activity for each topic each week from Monday 20th April until the end of the half-term. 

Use your orange exercise book for all of your work.

Cross off each section of the grid once you have completed it. 

Try your best and remember to present your work neatly!

Year 6- Home Learning- Lessons and Resources- Week 3- Week Commencing 20th April 2020

Year 6 Home Learning Timetable- Week 2- Week Commencing 30th March 2020

Year 6 English Lessons- Week Beginning 30th March 2020

Year 6 RE Lessons- Week 2 Wednesday and Friday

Topic Home Learning Grid- Arctic and Antarctic

This home learning grid has 13 exciting research-based activities all about the topic 'Antarctic and Arctic' for you to complete!

Try to complete one activity each day from Monday 23rd March- Friday 3rd April. 

Try your best and remember to present your work neatly!

Year 6 Home Learning Timetable -Week 1- Week Commencing 23rd March 2020

Wednesday 25th March RE Lesson Powerpoint

Answers 10 Minute Reading Tests- Tests 2-6

Welcome to Year  6

The teachers in Year 6 are:
Miss Ponter (6P)
Mr Cassidy(6C


Also working in Year 6 are:

Mrs Feddersen-Doyle

Miss Esteban

Mrs Milinska

Mrs Dudzinski



Welcome to Year 6’s class page!


What an unusual start to the Summer term this is for Year 6! We hope that you are all ready for your final term at St Michael and St Martin and feeling rested after the Easter break. We hope that we will soon be back to normality so that we can ensure that you all have the end to your schooling here that you all deserve after all of your hard work over the years. Until then, we will be continuing to provide tasks for you to carry on with your learning on our class page each week so check back every Monday morning for your timetable and resources. We have some interesting topics and texts to be covered so there will be plenty to keep you occupied! Please keep praying that this will all be over soon and keep our school community in your prayers.



Having come to the end of the KS2 English Curriculum, it is time to showcase your English reading and writing skills! Your upcoming lessons will provide you with the opportunity to embed what you have learned and give you the chance to apply your grammar knowledge within a range of written pieces. We will study some exciting texts as part of the Power of Reading: Wonder- which we’re sure that you may relate to in some way with the transition to a new school soon- and Macbeth- a dark Shakespearean tale which will link well to our Crime and Punishment topic. During English lessons, we have worked hard to develop our reading skills and grammar knowledge and will continue to do so. We will also be providing lots of writing opportunities based on a range of stimuli to inspire you. You will write pieces across various genres: information texts, persuasive pieces, narratives and discursive writing.  There will be cross-curricular writing tasks too!



Over the coming weeks, we will revise previously taught concepts to consolidate our understanding. Curriculum areas which will still need to be covered include the properties of shape and statistics. We will then apply this knowledge, and our understanding of previously taught concepts from the KS2 curriculum to solve problem-solving and reasoning questions and carry out some fun mathematical investigations!

As always, continue to practice your ‘Maths Facts,’ arithmetic and times tables as this is essential knowledge to know for the rest of your life!


Religious Education

During RE lessons within the first half of Summer term, the children will be focusing on the topic From Easter to Pentecost. They will be learning to make links to religious belief in the resurrection of Jesus as expressed in Matthew’s account of the event. They will then show an understanding of how religious beliefs shape the life of Pope Francis today before finding links between people of faith and how they respond to the issues of their day. The topic will enable the children to develop spiritually in the following ways: by showing a sense of openness and wonder about the resurrection and the coming of the Holy Spirit; demonstrating an appreciation of the work of the Holy Spirit in their own lives; and the ability to ponder about questions that are difficult to answer.


Our topic for the second half of Summer term will be The Kingdom of Heaven. The children will explore a sense of the relationship between learning about faith and living faith-filled lives. They will develop respect for those who actively seek the kingdom of God and a commitment to action for the kingdom of God. They will describe and make links between Scripture and human experience and talk about, ask and respond to questions about their experiences of, and feelings about, the kingdom of God before studying Nelson Mandela as a man who lived his whole life in response to his belief.



During this term in Science, we will be studying the topic, Animals Including Humans. Throughout this topic, we will be focusing on understanding the human circulatory system, allowing us to carry out some very exciting investigations, such as factors that influence heartrate and the differences between human and animal circulatory systems. As Year 6 prepare for the transition to secondary school, we believe that it is vital to understand the importance of having a healthy lifestyle. The children will be made aware of the impact a healthy heart has upon us holistically.

We will then go on to study Electricity in further detail: learning about how our understanding of electricity has changed over time; how to draw more complex circuits using the correct symbols; planning our own investigations and deciding how to control variables; reporting the findings; and making further predictions based on the results.



In the Summer Term, we will be high above the clouds as we commence our study on Mountains. This topic will allow the children to locate multiple mountain ranges using difference resources, such as maps and atlases. Throughout this topic, we will place an emphasis on the geographical features of a mountain and their formation, before scaling higher and understanding that we play a vital role in preserving the mountainous areas by focusing on the impact that tourism has.



As we continue to develop our historical knowledge, the children will focus on ‘Crime and Punishment.’ This topic will link with our upcoming English topics of Macbeth and The Highwayman.  Our learning will cover the history of crime and punishment throughout the ages (including during the Romans, Medieval times and through to the current day). We will also explore the consequences of crime. Other aspects of our learning are as follows: learning about fingerprints and how they help identify people who have committed crimes; researching crime scene jobs and how teams work together to solve crimes; and Alcatraz Island – researching the Island and what happened before it became a prison.


Staying Active

As you will have seen suggested on your timetables, we have been recommending that the children take part in the daily Joe Wicks workouts to keep active at home.  To keep your exercise varied, try some other workouts available on Youtube and include some dance as a fun way to keep active too.


Try GoNoodle which has some physical activities as well as some relaxation and guided meditation. 


Oti Mabuse from Strictly Come Dancing is leading daily dance lessons as 11.30 am or try out some Just Dance routines on Youtube too!


Reading and Accelerated Reader

Keep up the reading! This is so important and getting truly lost in a book is a privilege.  Please continue quizzing on the books that you have read at home. You will be able to log in and do your quizzes using this link below. If you need reminding of your login details please email us:

For free e-books try the following website:

For free audio-books to listen to use the following link:



As the year progresses, we still maintain our high standards of behaviour and manners. We expect all children to demonstrate a high standard of behaviour at all times in order to create a safe, respectful and happy learning environment.

Each class has participated in the process of making a set of ‘Golden Rules.’ The children have agreed to follow the rules as they understand that this will help their learning.

Respecting each other and all members of staff is expected and reflects the ethos of our school.

The children are required to listen carefully and to develop their self-control and concentration in class and in the playground.

Working together with parents and guardians plays a big part in establishing good relationships and standards of behaviour.



During Summer Term, we will continue to set a fair volume of homework focusing on Reading, Grammar and Maths as well as some projects based on our studies across the curriculum topics to enable the children to revise the full coverage of all of the KS2 objectives.

In preparation for secondary school in September, we are encouraging the children to take an active role in their own learning. We expect the children to organise their workload accordingly. Failure to submit homework on time will result in detention.



We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your parents for their continued support and for being such wonderful pupils. 


Miss Ponter and Mr Cassidy