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A Breakfast Poem

By Kasia Coleman (Mrs Bell's best friend) 

Breakfast at the weekend,
What a wonderful treat!
It must be something tasty,
It must be something sweet!

I think I’ll have some croissants, 
That surely is the best?!
Especially if they’re chocolate filled,
A tasty, gooey mess. 

I’ll pile them up with chocolate sauce,
lashings of double cream.
I’ll sprinkle mounds of candies,
a sweet and chewy dream!

‘’But surely you should eat vitamins?’’
They say,
‘What about your teeth?!’’ 

So I add seven-hundred strawberries,
a carrot and 10 leeks. 

‘’Oh no!’’
They cry! 
‘’You’re getting it wrong!
Balance is the key to a life that’s long’’ 

‘’Ok!’’ I say 
So balanced it will be!
So just 1 little pastry treat, and a bowl of fruit. 
That’s quite enough for me.

Free E-books

Kindly Donated during the Covid-19 Crisis.

Special thanks to Mr Hegarty who donated his E-Books. 

The book author of How Not to Go to School says if you wish to make a donation please do so to the NHS.