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Year 3

The teachers in Year 3 are:

Ms Loftus and Miss Langham (3L)

Mr Collins (3M) 

Also working in Year 3 is Mrs Pinto and Mrs Milinska


Welcome to the Year 3 class page


We have been settling in well to the new term! Here are our topics for the spring term:


Religious Education

Our theme this half term is called ‘Being a Sacramental People.’ We will learn about how God is with us, as a spiritual presence, which is the Holy Spirit. Believing that God is present in the world today, means that the world is a sacramental place  - we can see God all around us in his creation and our human experience. 



We start the term with an exciting story called ‘Wolves in the Wall’ which is a graphic picture book, describing how a pack of hungry wolves take over Lucy’s house and we discover how she defeats them.  After this story, we will be reading ‘Egyptian Cinderella.’ This text is linked to our history topic and will be the basis for different types of writing such as descriptions, diaries and instructions.  



In Maths, we will concentrate on place value up to 1500 and number bonds up to 100. We have been learning about column methods of addition and subtraction and division and multiplication.  We have been applying our mathematical knowledge through solving word problems based around money, measurement and statistical investigations.


History and Geography

In History, we are learning about the Egyptians. The children will be developing their understanding of how their knowledge of the past is constructed from a range of sources.  They will find out why this ancient civilization settled by the Nile, and the topic will be enriched by taking part in a range of activities investigating how people in ancient times lived. During the second half of the term, we will investigate Biomes. We will discover facts such as, why rainforests are found near the equator and how climate varies according to location. The devastating effects of deforestation will be debated, alongside learning about layers of the rainforest and its vegetation and inhabitants. Subsequently, we will compare rainforests to deciduous ones.



In Science, our topic is ‘Animals Including Humans’ which involves investigating different aspects of the human body and how to keep it healthy.  The children will learn to draw conclusions and use straightforward scientific evidence to answer questions about how living things function.



As is the case throughout the school, we expect and encourage all children to adhere to high standards of behaviour both in class and on the playground.

The children in Year 3 have negotiated a set of class rules together and have all agreed to follow these with the understanding that doing so will create a happy learning environment that will help their learning.

Working together with parents and guardians plays a large part in ensuring there are good relationships and standards of behaviour in school.


General Reminders



  • We really appreciate your support when helping children with homework. The task set is related to what we have covered in class that week and provides a chance for them to consolidate their learning. 
  • PE takes place every Wednesday afternoon. Please ensure that your child is dressed in their full PE kit in school on this day. All items of uniform must be named.
  • Please ensure that your child brings in a named bottle of water every day.