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Year 3

The teachers in Year 3 are: 

Ms Loftus and Ms Langham (3L) 


Miss Frederick (3F) 

Also working in Year 3 are:  

Mrs Milinska, Ms Esteban and Mrs Bowman




Our texts this term are linked to our history topic on the Roman civilisation. We will  be reading ‘The Romans, Gods, Emperors and Dormice’ by Marcia Williams. We will  learn about the founding of the city of Rome, read the myth of Romulus and Remus  and write our own version of this ancient tale. Another wonderful text this term is  ‘Escape from Pompeii’ by Christina Balit. We will learn about the terrible events that  took place during this time and write a newspaper report, imagining that we were  there.  


History: - The Romans 


Big Question: What did the Romans do for us? 

We will be studying the Romans and discovering how they fit onto the timeline of  history. We will find out how far their empire spread and why they invaded Britain.  Their amazing inventions will also be explored, such as Romans baths, aqueducts and  central heating! We will learn about their creation myths, gods and goddesses and the  impact Roman life had on Celtic Britain. Following on from our studies, we are going  to enjoy a Roman themed day at school, during which we will taste Roman food,  listen to stories and re-enact famous battles using shield which we will have designed  in DT.


Art and D.T 


In this subject, we will practise mixing, refining and applying colours, as well as  improving and developing our painting skills. We will reflect on our work, in order to  improve and discuss art using more sophisticated language. As part of our cross curricular study, we will design and create shields based on our knowledge of the  Romans. 


Religious Education 


Big Question: How have the challenges faced by the Catholic faith over the years,  impacted upon us today? 


In R.E we are learning about the meaning of the period between Easter and Pentecost. We will explore Easter Sunday in the Gospel of Mark, learn about Pentecost and the  gifts of the Holy Spirity. We will also discover how Catholics have spoken up and  suffered for their faith through a study of the Tyburn Martyrs. 



In Maths, we are continuing to become more secure using the four operations  (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.) We will be working on:  Fractions- Tenths, Tenths as decimals, ordering, adding/subtracting and equivalent  fractions. 

Measurement- Months/years, Telling the time to the minute, 12 hour clock, 24 hour  clock, duration and problem solving, compare/measure/add and subtract mass,  compare/measure/ add and subtract capacity,  

Geometry-Movement and position, angles, properties of shapes, horizontal, vertical,  parallel & perpendicular lines, 2D shapes and 3D shapes Times tables to practice (3, 4, 6, 8) Solve mathematical word problems involving all areas.


    Science – Light and Shadow


Big Question: How does the distance of the light source affect the size of a  shadow?  

Sources of light: How light is needed to see and how different conditions impact the  way we see objects. 

Identify how light travels; through transparent, translucent and opaque materials.  Reflection and the dangers of the sun. We will also be carrying out experiments with  shadow formation 

Due to lockdown we will be recapping: Forces and Magnets;  


Big Question: How are magnets useful?  

We will be investigating the force of friction between two surfaces in order to understand the effects and different strengths of magnets; to identify pushing and  pulling forces.



As is the case throughout the school, we expect and encourage all children to adhere  to high standards of behaviour both in class and on the playground. The children in Year 3 have negotiated a set of class rules together and have all  agreed to follow these with the understanding that doing so will create a happy  learning environment that will help their learning. 

Working together with parents and guardians plays a large part in ensuring there are  good relationships and standards of behaviour in school. 



    Within this area, you will be able to find all the home learning tasks we have planned during the current school closure. 


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    Teachers will respond to emails within 24 hours - Monday to Friday only. 


    Please use this email for home learning enquiries rather than the school office. Thank you. 

    Wow! Look at your self-portraits. Can you see your friends?                                          

    Home Learning Topic Grid Summer Term 1 - Battle of Britain

    These grids each have 12 exciting research-based activities all about the topic 'Battle of Britain' for you to complete! 

    Try to complete one activity each day from Monday 20th April- Tuesday 5th May . 

    Use your orange exercise book for all your work. 

    Colour in each section of the grid once you have completed it! 

    Try your best and remember to present your work neatly!

    Year 3 Home Learning Timetable- Week Beginning 23rd March 2020

    Home Learning Topic Grid - Biomes and Vegetation

    These grids each have 12 exciting research-based activities all about the topic 'Biomes and Vegetation' for you to complete! 

    Try to complete one activity each day from Monday 23rd March- Friday 3rd April. 

    Use your orange exercise book for all your work.

    Colour in each section of the grid once you have completed it! 

    Try your best and remember to present your work neatly!

    Welcome to Year 3



    The teachers in Year 3 are:
    Miss Jordan (3J)

    Ms Loftus and Miss Dawber (3LD)


    Also working in Year 3 is Mrs Pinto

    Welcome to the Year 3 class page




    The Year 3 team would like to take this opportunity to wish you a lovely Easter break. The children and our families are in our thoughts and prayers at this difficult and uncertain time. We miss you all!

    During this time, we take the opportunity to remember what is important; Holy Week is the perfect opportunity to be reflective and think about the sacrifices that Jesus made for us all. 


    On this page you will find some activities to help you to be both creative and reflective during the Easter period. 



    Holy Week

    Next week is Holy Week, which begins on Palm Sunday – 5th April.  Since the early days of the Church, this week has been a sacred time because it commemorates the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus. Although we can’t go to church at the moment, there are regular livestreamed masses from St. Michael and St Martin, which you can listen to: Go to to find news about this.


    Holy Week Preparation Days:

    Palm Sunday:

    • Over your meal, talk about how Jesus is the centre of our lives and our faith.  How do we feel when we make Jesus the centre of our lives?


    Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday:

    • Help your family clean the house.  Think of spring housekeeping as a prayerful preparation for Easter.
    • Decorate eggs: These are a symbol of the new life that comes with the Resurrection.


    Holy Thursday: This day recalls the Last Supper when Jesus washed the feet of his disciples.  It reminds us that we are called to serve one another.  Here are some ideas for celebrating the day.

    • Listen to a livestreamed massThe Holy Thursday liturgy marks the beginning of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus.
    • Help someone: Do something special for someone in need. Read Matthew’s Gospel account of the Last Supper.
    • Talk about itThe Eucharist is the main sacrament in our Catholic faith.  Talk about our belief that we receive the real presence of the risen Jesus in Holy Communion.  How will we be changed by this when we receive the sacrament?


    Good Friday:

    This day commemorates the crucifixion, death and burial of Jesus.  It is the most solemn and sorrowful day of the Church calendar.

    • Watch the Good Friday liturgy.
    • Set aside some prayerful time between 12 noon and 3 pm.
    • Try to copy Jesus by forgiving someone who has hurt you.
    • Talk about it: It is fine to feel sad on Good Friday.  Jesus’ death on the cross is a sacrifice like no other.  He died to teach us about everlasting life.  Talk about friends and family who may have died and how we believe that, because of Jesus, we hope to have new life in heaven.



    Holy Saturday:

    This day commemorates the time of darkness and waiting, when Jesus was in the bomb.  It is also a day for final preparations before Easter.

    • Talk about it: The Easter Vigil begins with the symbol of fire.  Talk about how fire represents that Jesus is the light of the world.  He brings light to the darkness and new life to a sleeping world.


    Easter Sunday

    • Listen to a livestreamed massToday is a very special day.  It’s Easter Sunday, when Jesus rose from the dead.  We are celebrating and thinking of new life. Find this reading in your bible: John 20: 1-9 and share it with your family.
    • Celebrate and enjoy the day. We are filled with hope today because Jesus resurrection shows us that nothing is impossible for God.  Although children live in different countries, and speak different languages, and eat different food, we are all God’s children.  We are part of one big global family and we are called to care for one another as sisters and brothers.
    • Colour in the Cafod activity sheet and think about your hopes for the world.
    • Make Easter cards to send to family, or friends.  You could use the template on this week’s Class Pages.


    Look out for signs of hope and new life in the week ahead and choose one thing to try and make your hope for the world come true.