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Our Curriculum

Our Diverse Curriculum

As a school, we are passionate that our children receive a broad, balanced, inclusive and diverse curriculum. Within this subject, we will ensure that children of all abilities and backgrounds will progress. Following the CPA approach will benefit all children, but particularly support our SEND learners in reinforcing concepts before moving on to the pictorial and then abstract. Pre and post-teaching is used to introduce key vocabulary and help solidify children’s understanding of concepts. Where targeted provision is required, we utilise interventions which derive specifically from summative assessments. Knowledge organisers have also been introduced to support children in their organisation of learning about new concepts. 


When catering for our more able children, it is important to understand that we should not be working on content from the next year group or practising the same concept with bigger numbers. Instead, children should confidently and independently be able to deal with increases in complexity, deduction and reasoning.


Cultural Capital

Mathematics forms an important part of our broad and balanced curriculum, where we endeavour to ensure that children develop an enjoyment and enthusiasm for maths that will stay with them throughout their lives and empower them in their futures. Our pupils are given every opportunity to participate in a wide range of learning experiences beyond the classroom. These experiences include themed days/weeks, workshops and bringing maths to life through real-life contexts. We give our pupils the opportunity to think about maths beyond what is tested in national examinations and to be equipped with an understanding of mathematics that will be relevant and useful in their future studies and in the world of work. We understand that a deep grasp of mathematics is essential to enabling greater social equity and mobility.