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Spelling at our school

Spelling aims at our school


The teaching of the alphabet begins as soon as the children enter school. This is based on learning the high frequency words (taken from Letters and Sounds lists). Children are given the high frequency words to learn at home over the course of the year as well as words that link with the phonemes (sounds) being taught. This continues in Year 1 and 2 depending on the needs and ability of the children. Children are expected to practise these at home with the support of parents and guardians.

The teaching of phonics plays a vital role in children’s ability to spell so great emphasis is placed on the teaching of phonics to more focused teaching of spelling strategies particularly in EYFS and KS1. Phonics sessions take place daily for 15-20 mins depending on the age, maturity and ability of the children.

As children move through KS1 to KS2, the emphasis in the teaching objectives shifts from the teaching of phonics to more focused teaching of spelling strategies, conventions and rules to build upon a child’s established phonological knowledge. Key stage two spelling objectives are taken from the DfE Support for Spelling and Spelling Bank documents.

Phonic phases

EYFS Phase 1 to 4 letters and sounds/ and Jolly Phonics actions

Year 1 Consolidation of phase 3-4 and phase 5

Year 2 – Consolidation of Phase 5 and phase 6 and into Support for Spelling