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Our Curriculum

Science Intent explained

Our intent is driven by the following principles:

  1. Broad and Balanced Curriculum: We provide a broad and balanced science curriculum that covers the three main areas of biology, chemistry, and physics, while integrating the scientific method and promoting critical thinking skills.
  2. Relevance: We make science relevant and meaningful to our pupils by linking it to everyday experiences, real-world issues, and local and global contexts. We ensure that science is accessible to all, including pupils with SEND and EAL learners. 
  3. Progression: We ensure a clear progression of learning, building upon prior knowledge and skills, to ensure that each pupil reaches their full potential. We consider the end goals of the Key Stage, anticipating pupils' future learning and the skills they will need to develop in order to succeed.
  4. Engagement and Enquiry: We promote a positive and engaging learning environment that encourages pupils to develop a sense of curiosity and ask questions. We provide opportunities for practical investigations and hands-on experiences to develop their scientific enquiry skills across a range of enquiry types.
  5. Scientific Vocabulary: We place a strong emphasis on developing scientific vocabulary and language skills, enabling pupils to articulate their ideas, observations, and explanations precisely. We aim to improve their comprehension of scientific texts and their ability to communicate scientific concepts effectively.
  6. Cross-Curricular Links: We actively seek opportunities to integrate science with other subjects, including English, mathematics, computing, and design & technology, to highlight the wider application of science knowledge and skills.