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Writing at our school

Writing Aims
It is important for pupils to develop as independent, enthusiastic and expressive writers, who are able to write in a meaningful way.  They should be able to use a range of forms for a variety of purposes and audiences.  They should be confident in their choice of genre and language style for a specific purpose.  Pupils should also regard themselves as writers and value their own work and that of others.
We aim for pupils to be able to:
  • Use writing as a means to communicate ideas and information to a reader
  • Write in a grammatically accurate way
  • Develop an increasingly wide vocabulary suited to the purpose and genre
  • Write in a particular genre with a good understanding of the features of that genre
  • Understand the conventions of written language
  • Understand how writers can have an effect on the reader
  • Incorporate ideas and skills of other authors into their own writing
  • Collaborate with others during the writing process
  • Draft and re-draft, making significant revisions where appropriate
  • Work collaboratively with other children to discuss the editing of written work
  • Use ICT as a tool for writing
  • Use spelling, punctuation and syntax accurately and with confidence

Ros Wilson - Ros Wilson Discusses Big Writing

Ros Wilson talks about writing voice and explains the meaning of VCOP, which is at the heart of Big Writing. Ros Wilson is an Education Consultant for Andrell Education Ltd. Oxford School Improvement from Oxford University Press is a hub of independent expert ideas and professional development videos designed to support your school improvement objectives.