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Our Curriculum

The PSHCE curriculum has an important role in promoting the children’s self esteem, health and emotional well being. It helps them to maintain worthwhile and fulfilling relationships based on respect for themselves and others at home, school and in the community. The whole of the curriculum develops the children’s abilities to relate to others and to work for the common good, enabling them to respond to opportunities, challenges and responsibility as well as cope with change and adversity. The curriculum, when linked with our R.E. topics and other subjects, will help to equip the children to make informed choices at school and throughout their lives.


Our Diverse Curriculum 

As a school, we are passionate that our children receive a broad, balanced, inclusive and diverse curriculum. Within this subject, we will ensure pupils:

• behave in a socially and morally acceptable way including towards authority and each other

• become involved in the life of their community

• know about democracy and how to be an active citizens

• know about economic wellbeing.


Our Ambitious Curriculum 

Our curriculum is designed to:

• Value the achievements they make, and the achievements of others

• Make informed choices about dealing with risks and meeting challenges now and in the future.

• Decide on values by which they want to live their lives.