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Parent Questionnaire Outcomes 2017-18

Thank you for taking the time to add your comments to support our parent and school partnership, as we really value your feedback. Here are some parent comments that make us feel really proud:


'This school has the gift of continuing academic rigour with the core Catholic Church values of love, kindness, tolerance and compassion. The teachers are dedicated and inspirational.'


'We are very happy and proud to be part of this school'


'Staff are very helpful and respectful when talking to parents.'


'I am really happy with the school for their outstanding results with regards to teaching, discipline and much more…I'm really thankful for the assurance given to parents with regards to the children's overall performance.'


'We fully believe in the school's ideology and the efforts made to develop their pupils. Our child has developed really well with his communication, learning and understanding.'


'This school helps children get a strong start in the early years and achieve well. My child loves coming to school and I owe it to his teachers for their excellent care and support. The school widely contributes to the pupil's moral, social and cultural development.'


What we need to improve or could do better, based on your feedback:


More even distribution of homework

Although 78% parents are satisfied with work given at home, we acknowledge that some parents feel that homework is unevenly distributed. We will review our homework policy in the Spring term as a result of this feedback. 


Parent Workshops to support home learning 

Some parents have commented that more parent workshops are required to bridge the gap between methods used at school and home. We have introduced a maths workshop for parents in the Spring term for ALL key stages to enable parents time to explore our calculation policy. 


School Dinner options

A review of our school dinners and portion sizes will take place in the Spring term. 


Pupil Progress and Communication 

We will review how and what progress information we commuincate to you so that you have a better understanding of your child's progress. For the Spring term parents evening, we have devised an end of year target sheet with clear steps to enable your child to meet or exceed their targets. 







More even distr