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Starting Nursery in September 2021?


Find out more information about what to expect and how to help your child by reading our transition information below.

Welcome to Nursery

Class Teacher: Mrs Mahmood

Nursery Nurse: Mrs Hannon

Summer Term


Welcome back to our last term at Nursery! Summer 1, our topic will be Growing and Gardening and in Summer 2 our topic will be Traditional Tales.




Our texts will be Jasper’s Beanstalk followed by The Giant Turnip in Summer 1.  We will be exploring these texts using different media and play such as growing our own beans, taking care of, and growing vegetables in our very garden patch! We will be looking out for seasonal changes that our vegetable patch will need to grow. 


In Summer 2, our texts will be The Three Billy Goats Gruff followed by Goldilocks and the Three Bears and The 3 little pigs. We will be exploring these texts and retelling the traditional tales through story stones, mark-making using different media and role-play. We will need to make a shopping list to make our porridge and then we will write the recipe of how we did it! 



Each week your child will learn a new sound (speed sounds). We will send a formation sheet home every week to support letter formation. 

‘Speed sounds’

In addition, children will continue to blend simple words using the sounds they know for example: 

Some children have received a ‘Sound Blending’ book to take home. Please support your child at home.




We will continue to work on recognising the numerals 1-10 in and out of order. We will be working on matching some numerals to quantity correctly. We will introduce the different coins that we use to buy our food and drink at the supermarket. The children will be using our role-play shop area to help to recognise different coins. Additionally, we will be expanding and using lots of new mathematical language to describe and order objects, e.g. putting the three bears’ bowls in order from biggest to smallest and naming the Billy Goats from shortest to tallest. 


General Reminders


  • Continue to support your child to write their name.
  • Pencil control/ grip: please watch the video shared on Google classroom 
  • Please continue to practice counting and writing numbers 1-10 in order and out of order
  • Continue to practice the names of 2D shapes (triangle, square, circle and rectangle) 
  • Read stories and ask questions to build their understanding about the characters
  • Please continue to practise removing and putting on shoes and clothes with your child  
  • Talk about healthy eating. Compare healthy and unhealthy food items. 
  • Talk about feelings and emotions. Ask your child about how they feel. 


Thanks for all your support!

Mrs Mahmood and Mrs Hannon


Within this area, you will be able to find all the home learning tasks we have planned during the current school closure. 


Contact Us:

If you need to get in touch or have any questions regarding the home learning, please email:


Teachers will respond to emails within 24 hours - Monday to Friday only. 


Please use this email for home learning enquiries rather than the school office. Thank you. 


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Nursery Home Learning Timetable Week Beginning 30th March




Phonics: This term we will be continuing to learn our speed sounds.

We will be learning our phonics sounds, we will be starting with the sound ‘s’, ‘a’ and ‘t’. The children will be looking for objects beginning with these sound around in our environment and we will be making a sound box. We will also be learning how to form our lower case letter formation . 

Tune in daily to Ruth Miskin's You tube channel to learn a new sound at 9.30 am.


Maths: we are going to be working with numbers 1-10. This includes recognising the numerals in and out of order, matching the numeral to the quantity and touch counting.

We will be discussing the size of objects using comparative language such as big/little, tall/short, fat/thin to group and order them.


Religious Education: This terms topic is People of Prayer.

We will be talking about praying and how special it is. We will be learning “Our Father”.


General Reminders

  • Please support your child’s independence in removing and putting back on their shoes and coats.
  • Keep practicing name writing and letter formation daily.