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Welcome to Nursery

Your class teacher is: Mrs Mahmood

Your nursery nurse is: Mrs Hannon


Spring Term

The Christmas holidays are over now and we hope that all of the children had a good rest over the holidays and are now ready to come back to nursery to carry on with their learning.

This term our topic is ‘On the farm’. We will be learning about farm animals and their young. Also, we will be looking at the weather changes, the clothing that we wear and what animals do to keep warm in the Winter.


English: Our texts this term: Rosie’s walk, What the ladybird heard..  We will be exploring these texts using different media and play. We will create farm animals and their young using different types of media for our display.  


Phonics: This term we will begin phase 2 of Jolly phonics. We will be leabring our phonics sounds, we will be starting with the sound ‘s’, ‘a’ and ‘t’. The children will be looking for objects beginning with these sound around in our envrionement and we will be making a sound box. We will also be practising the letter formation in lots of different textures for example flour, rice, lentils as well as using a pencil.  


Maths: we are going to be working with numbers 1-10. This includes recgonising the numerals in and out of order, matching the numeral to the quanitity and touch counting. In addition, we will be discussing the size of objects using comparative language such as big/little, tall/short, fat/thin to group and order them.


Religious Education: This terms topic is People of Prayer.

We will be talking about praying and how special it is. We will be learning “Our Father”.


General Reminders

  • Please support your child’s independence in removing and putting back on their shoes and coats.
  • Book bags are to be in school and sent home daily. The children will have a free choice book to be shared with an adult every night (perfect for bedtime stories). Please make a small comment twice a week about your child’s thoughts/feelings on the story that was read.
  • Children will take home their phonics worksheets once  a week- these are to be completed at home and kept at home for your records to practise with your child.


  • Please name your child’s items of clothing!