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Welcome to Nursery

Your class teacher is: Miss Gostelow

Your nursery nurse is: Mrs Franek


Summer Term


Welcome back to our last term at Nursery!

In Summer 1 our topic will be 'Growing and Gardening' and in Summer 2 out topic will be 'Traditional Tales'. 



Our texts will be Jasper’s Beanstalk followed by The Giant Turnip in Summer 1.  We will be exploring these texts using different media and play such as growing our own beans, taking care of, and growing vegetables in our very garden patch! We will be looking out for seasonal changes that our vegetable patch will need to grow. During these observations, will mark make and keep a gardening diary.

In Summer 2, our texts will be The Three Billy Goat’s Gruff followed by Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We will be exploring these texts and retelling the traditional tales through story stones, mark-making using different media and role-play. We will need to make a shopping list to make our porridge and then we will write the recipe of how we did it! 



We are going to continue to learn our phonics sounds and complete phase 2. Could you please continue to practice these sounds at home with your child. We are learning to blend CVC and CCVC words using the sounds we know e.g. cat, pig, tent, jump etc. this will be through hands on approaches, such as, ‘magic spoon’, blending line and phoneme frames. In addition, we will begin to introduce tricky and high frequency words that cannot be blended but must be remembered.



We will continue to work on recognising the numerals 1-10 in and out of order. We will be working on matching some numerals to quantity correctly. We will introduce the different coins that we use to buy our food and drink at the supermarket. The children will be using our role-play shop area in the garden to help to recognise different coins. Additionally, we will be expanding and using lots of new mathematical language to describe and order objects, e.g. putting the three bears’ bowls in order from biggesttosmallestand naming the Billy Goats from shortestto tallest.


Religious Education:

This term we will be looking at Easter to Pentecost. We will be exploring the Easter story through to Pentecost through Luke’s Gospel. The children will be making Easter story plates, ascension cloud and Pentecost doves as well as retelling the gospels through role-play and small world. In addition, we will learning about May as the month of Mary.  



General Reminders

  • Book bags are to be in school and sent home daily.The children will have a free choice book to be shared with an adult every night (perfect for bedtime stories). Please make a small comment twicea week about your child’s thoughts/feelings on the story that was read. 
  • Children will take home their phonics worksheets twice a week- these are to be completed at home and kept at home for your records to practise with your child. 
  • Please ensure that your child’s name is on every item of clothing.
  • Welly Wednesday will continue until the end of summer but please be mindful of the weather and provide clothes accordinly. 
  • Please continue to practise removing and putting on shoes with your childe for P.E. 
  • Sun cream needs to be applied to your child’s skin before they come to Nursery. A sun hat is also needed during the warm weather.