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Our School Dog - Kermit

Kermit is a Cockapoo and was born in October 2019.  Kermit's mum is a black and white Cocker Spaniel and his dad is an apricot Toy Poodle.  It looks to us (and to the vet) that Kermit has taken  the dominant gene from his mum and this makes him a 'silky/smoothie poo'. We think he is incredibly handsome and cant wait to see him grow and develop. 

He was chosen to be our school dog as the Cockapoo breed are well renowned for their lovable and gentle nature and he has already become quite a popular member of the school community!

Although Kermit’s main place of residence is  either in my office, the main school office or Mrs Bell's office he is available for children to pat and play with under strict supervision at certain times of the day. We will be slowly introducing him into the routines of our school day and fully expect him to be involved with many aspects of school life including visiting classes, hearing readers, and working with children who have special needs, suffer bereavement or who are upset in any way and in need of calm, comfort and space before being able to tell an adult what has upset them. 

Children are taught how to behave when with Kermit and also how to be safe around dogs in general.  This is beneficial to the children both in and out of school.


We hope that children & staff will gain a great deal of enjoyment from having Kermit in school.


Read this lovely article which explains why every school should have a dog:


When Kermit met the staff