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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

The teachers in Year 4 are:
Mrs Ali (4A)
Mrs Fernandes (4W)


Also working in Year 4 are:

 Mrs Pinto and Mrs Nketsiah

Welcome to Year 4’s class page!


Summer Term 


Welcome to Year 4’s class page!


The children have made wonderful progress so far this year! The children will be learning about many topics in history and science, such as the history of our Local Area and Electricity in science, where the children are beginning to understand how to create circuits and what materials are insulators and conductors of electricity.


Religious Education

We start this term with our topic ‘Easter to Pentecost’ where the children will learn how to recount Luke’s interpretation of the Pentacost and describe ways in which religion is lived out by believers and how religious beliefs shape our lives. In turn, the children will start to develop an awareness of the importance of faith and feel the impact that faith can have on their own lives. The comprehensive lessons will aim to help the children to build reflectiveness in prayer.



This term are chosen text’s are: Lost Happy Endings & The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. These texts provide the children with opportunities to develop their drama, speaking and listening and creative writing skills. Children will explore this novel in depth, making predictions and drawing information from the text as we study the text. 

In creative writing sessions, we will be focusing on improving children’s grammar and in particular punctuation: Capital letters and full stops, commas, direct/indirect speech and correct use of semi-colons.These all must be used correctly in children’s writing. 

We will also be strengthening pupil’s grammatical knowledge. This includes using a variety of sentence types, fronted adverbial phrases, tenses, possessive apostrophe, pronouns and cohesion of paragraphs within their writing.


Handwriting- Pupils will be following the Penpals Handwriting programme and focussing on joining letters in all written work. 

Comprehension-Pupils will be completing multiple comprehension tasks in order to improve their understanding and inference of textsThe children will have additional sessions throughout the summer term to develop these skills further.

Editing and evaluating work- After ‘Big Writes’, pupils are now using a green pen to check and edit their work to improve accuracy and spelling. This also re-enforces the need to edit their work prior to its completion. We are also encouraging the children to peer assess, as modelled by the class teacher, using a purple pen. We hope that this will give the children ownership over their writing and broaden their vocabulary. 

Guided Reading Reading skills will be explicitly taught to the children as well as developing inference of a carefully chosen text. These sessions take place daily to ensure the children have the opportunity to read aloud and develop their confidence with retrieval of information from a text. 



We will be working on the unit of measure and money during the summer term and will build on the children’s understanding in the topic of Time, particularly converting between analogue and digital in addition to minutes and seconds. The children can often find this topic challenging, so support at home with this will be beneficial for the children.

We are also focusing on topics such as Geometry, Shapes and Statistics, and also continuing consolidating children’s knowledge in Division and Multiplication. This involves doing weekly timed tests to improve upon existing knowledge. 



In science this term we will be exploring Electricity. The children will have the opportunity to recognise electrical appliances and understand how circuits work. They will be investigating materials that are conductors and insulators and will have the opportunity to build their own circuits.


History & Geography

In the summer term we will be exploring the history of our local area. We will be identifying local London community members and heroes, explaining reasons for settlement and comparing historical backgrounds of individuals and communities.

The class will also be focusing on a country and this term in Year 4 we have chosen Spain. Children will learn to develop mapping skills, identifying cultural differences between different countries and learn about areas of tourism and the effects on local economies.



  • Spellings take place on a Friday morning. 
  • Italian lessons take place on alternate Wednesdays. 
  • PE is Thursday morning with Mr Bell. Kits are to be brought in on a Monday and to be taken home on a Friday. 
  • Swimming lessons for Year 4 will commence and take place on alternate Fridays. 4A begin their lessons on 26/04/19 and 4W begin their lessons on the 03/05/19. Please ensure that your child brings the correct swimming kit with them to school on a Friday. This includes:


  • Towel
  • Swimming costumes (no board shorts for boys)
  • Goggles
  • Swim Hat





Day given

Day due




Spellings & Sentences



Maths (Topic related questions)



English (Reading comprehension)



  • Grammar (fortnightly on a Thursday)
  • Reading daily (30mins minimum)
  • Times tables (x1 –x12)
  • Diary check & signed (Friday)


There may also be additional topic homework sent home through the year to extend the children’s learning.


Pen Licenses: If your child is awarded a pen license, the class teacher will provide your child with a pen and his/her pen license. Once this pen has run out, it is then the children’s responsibility to then bring in their own blue pen to use. Berol/ Pilot Friction pens are very child friendly. 



We encourage all children to demonstrate a high standard of behaviour at all times in order to create a safe, respectful and happy learning environment.

Each class has participated in the process of making a set of ‘Golden Rules’.The children have agreed to follow the rules as they understand that this will help their learning.

Respecting each other and all members of staff is expected and reflects the ethos of our school. 

The children are required to listen carefully and to develop their self-control and concentration in class and in the playground. 

Working together with parents and guardians plays a big part in establishing good relationships and standards of behaviour.



Year 4 Curriculum Talk September 2018-19