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Within this area, you will be able to find all the home learning tasks we have planned during the current school closure. 


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Samuel 2E RE

Year 2 Home Learning Timetable and Resources- Week Beginning 30th March 2020

Home Learning Topic Grid - London

This home learning grid has 12 exciting research-based activities all about the topic 'London' for you to complete!

Try to complete one activity each day from Monday 23rd March- Friday 3rd April. 

Use your orange exercise book for all your work.

Colour in each section of the grid once you have completed it! 

Try your best and remember to present your work neatly!

Year 2 Home Learning Timetable Week Beginning 23rd March

Welcome to Year 2 


The teachers in Year 2 are:
Miss Esteban (2E)

Miss Montenero (2M)



Also working in Year 2 are Mrs Payne and Mrs Jacob

Welcome to Year 2’s Class page


We hope all is going well so far. Please remember that this is a big change to all, parents, teachers and children alike. We appreciate all of your support, and at this uncertain time, can only try our best! Please do what you can with your children, but we know it will take time to establish a steady routine.

Most of all we hope that you are keeping safe and well and enjoying this time as best as you can with each other.

Over the upcoming weeks we will be uploading weekly time tables to guide you and the children through learning at home.



Religious Education:

The children will be looking at the Lenten season and Holy Week, the time leading up to the death of Jesus. During this topic children will gain an understanding of the three practises of Lent, Almsgiving, Fasting and Prayer and how these can be applied to their own lives. In addition children will learn and be able to retell the story of Holy Week, including key events and the importance of these events.



We will provide weekly activities in the following areas:

  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Writing – this might be a planning or creative writing activity.



In maths we will be revisiting areas covered so far to ensure your children’s knowledge in these areas are secure.


For both English and Maths we will provide relevant resources, including activities to complete in CGP books and websites to support learning for online activities, like that of White Rose for Maths. Please check the updated weekly timetable every Monday for the upcoming week.



In the following terms we will be looking at these topics:


  1. observe and describe how seeds and bulbs grow into mature plants
  2. find out and describe how plants need water, light and a suitable temperature to grow and stay healthy


As for year 1 plus - light, shade, sun, warm, cool, water, grow, healthy

All of our learning will be working towards answering the question:

What are the best conditions for plants to grow?


Animals Inc. Humans:

Healthy Living

  1. describe the importance for humans of exercise, eating the right amounts of different types of food, and hygiene


Offspring, reproduction, growth, child, young/old stages (examples - chick/hen, baby/child/adult, caterpillar/butterfly), exercise, heartbeat, breathing, hygiene, germs, disease, food types (examples – meat, fish, vegetables, bread, rice, pasta)

  • Making links with our History topic of Henry VIII, thinking about the question:

Did Henry VIII have a healthy diet?


Animals Inc. Humans: Healthy animals

  1. notice that animals, including humans, have offspring which grow into adults
  2. find out about and describe the basic needs of animals, including humans, for survival (water, food and air)


Offspring, reproduction, growth, child, young/old stages (examples - chick/hen, baby/child/adult, caterpillar/butterfly), exercise, heartbeat, breathing, hygiene, germs, disease, food types (examples – meat, fish, vegetables, bread, rice, pasta)


Learning resources again, will be provided in our weekly timetable and supporting PowerPoints uploaded on to the Year 2 Class page.



History and Geography:

We will be looking at the topic of ‘Our Local Area’ and exploring the region of ‘Ghana’

These topics will be covered at home through a range of research activities set on Year 2’s learning grid. Our current topic of ‘Our Local Area’ can be found on the learning grids found in your child’s Orange work book and also here on Year 2’s Class page.

In the upcoming weeks after the Easter holiday, we will upload a new Learning grid for the topic of ‘Ghana’.




We will be looking at patterns and stitching. Whilst this may be difficult to carryout in all households, we will provide as many resources to support as possible.

We will also be looking into the life and work of George Seurat, a famous artist who brought around the style of Pointillism. Your child will have the opportunity to learn about this style and create their own art pieces using this Seurat’s method.




We will set a weekly activity that develops your child’s ICT skills whilst also supporting learning in other subject areas too. These activities will be through PurpleMash and other ICT websites. Keep an eye out for links provided on the weekly timetable.




Please use the following links for fun and creative Easter activities to do at home with your family!


Or how about you write your own Easter themed story. You can upload these and email it to us to have a read on:


Enjoy, have fun and get lots of rest!


Remember to check this page regularly for updates and helpful resources to support your child’s learning at home!


Missing and thinking of you all,

Miss Esteban and Miss Montenero