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Our Curriculum

Our Diverse Curriculum

Our pupils take part in events during the year, for example, cooking during Languages week, Christmas and Easter, and celebrating Chinese New Year in the Early Years. 


Pupils will understand how Design and Technology is a subject that focuses on others, rather than oneself, and therefore reflects the Catholic virtues and British Values.


Our Ambitious Curriculum:

At St Michael and St Martin’s, we see the countless life skills that Design and Technology can provide to our pupils to allow them to positively impact the world around them.


Our staff ensure each lesson is carefully designed and differentiated to meet the needs of all pupils. For example: pre-teaching of key vocabulary, individual knowledge organisers, mixed ability groups, targeted use of additional adults, and step by step teacher modelling. 

At our school, we ensure that each child has equal opportunities in all areas of Design and Technology. We have a range of resources available to facilitate learning, and all extra-curricular activities are funded for our disadvantaged pupils.

Our more able pupils are continually challenged to better their Design and Technology skills where appropriate and receive targeted support from the class teacher and additional adults.