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'A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.'

Marcus Garvey

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History  at St Michael & St Martin


We perceive History to be an essential part of children’s education, in the development of their thinking and learning skills, enabling them to develop a sense of personal identity and an understanding and respect for other cultures and points of view.


Our history topics allow the children to appreciate the problems of the past and how attempts were made to deal with them. It helps them to understand the bearing that the past has on the present and the future. Opportunities are provided for the children to develop their skills, to gather evidence through sources and to reflect critically on the material they have gathered. We feel it is important to explore the history of our local area to ensure the children make links between how and why change occurs, and the impact this has had over time.


As a school, we support and encourage the children to make connections between the topics taught and how this can influence their lives and the world around them. We have now introduced a ‘Big Question’ for each topic to ensure the children explore and research an area of a topic in depth. We believe this will enthuse and inspire the pupils to be inquisitive, independent learners.

We are fortunate in having themed weeks/days and extra-curricular activities to embed the children’s learning in and out of a classroom setting. These experiences are made possible by the support of our parents and community, and this encourages the children to continue their learning at home.

Our vision is to enable the children to build on key skills needed in history  by putting no ceilings on their learning and to prepare them for their secondary education.

 Please click on the link to see some fun history activities: