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' It is important to view knowledge as sort of a semantic tree - make sure you understand the fundamental principles, i.e. the trunk and big branches, before you get into the leaves/details or there is nothing for them to hang on to.'

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Our Science Ambassadors


Science at St Michael and St Martin


Our Science topics provide children with learning opportunities to help develop their understanding of Science relevant to the world around them, in particular to the role we as Christians play in ‘reviving, renewing and rebuilding our common home’– Pope Francis, Laudato si’


Our Science Principles:


We’re In Charge! Learning is led by the children. Topics start with the children sharing their ideas and opinions on possible cross-curricular activities and questions to address during the topic.

Hands on! Children learn through doing. We have had a greater focus on providing more opportunities for hands on enquiries to develop and apply their scientific skills through relevant, memorable and engaging experiences.

Links to everyday life– Learning is relevant. We provide a curriculum where children are able to see the links and importance of everyday life, developing children’s understanding of their role within the wider community, thinking about and understanding the importance of everyday decisions and actions.

Science and the others– Science is not a stand-alone subject. We aim to provide learning opportunities that raise awareness of links to other subjects, increasing the profile and capital within the school and wider community. Links can be seen on our Whole School Curriculum map.

Teachers are learning too– Teachers are provided with half termly online courses to help develop and deepen their subject knowledge, to ensure subject content taught is of a high standard, taught by confident, passionate and enthusiastic teachers.


Ofsted report, June 2019


 “Leaders continually seek to improve the curriculum offer. Recently, they reviewed the science curriculum. They found that books showed too much reliance on theoretical lessons and that pupils needed to complete more practical experiments. They discovered that teachers were not routinely confident in teaching science. As a result, leaders introduced new initiatives. Teachers now access online training to improve their science subject knowledge, and leaders check teachers’ planning to validate the science content. Weekly plans include assessment opportunities. This helps teachers and leaders to understand whether pupils have met weekly targets. Leaders listen to pupils’ views. For example, ideas for cross-curricular activitiesin science came from pupils. In year 2, they created clay hedgehogs, wrote poems on science topics and researched the life and work of David Attenborough.” 

We have now introduced a ‘Big Question’ for each topic to ensure the children explore and research an area of a topic in depth.We believe this will enthuse and inspire the pupils to be inquisitive, independent learners.


Meet our Science Ambassadors

At St Michael and St Martin, we provide opportunities for children to use their skills in all subjects, especially subjects they have a deep passion for. We are lucky enough to have enthusiastic and engaged children wanting to make a difference in all areas of the school and here are the children who aim to make a difference in Science within the school.

The Science Ambassadors are given the responsibility to oversee and look after different areas of the subject within the school.

  • Garden area
  • Organising and delivery of Science resources to classes 
  • Science Reporters
  • Science Newsletter
  • Science Pupil voice
  • Raising the profile of Science across the school


A prayer for our earth:


Our Green Team