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St. Michael & St. Martin

Catholic Primary School

Learning our faith, living our faith, loving our faith

Mission Statement

Learning our faith, living our faith, loving our faith:

“is embedded in every aspect of the school. It is understood by pupils and lived daily by all members of the school community.” 

Section 48 Inspection May 2022


St Michael and St Martin school follows the teaching of the Catholic Church in its daily life through the celebration of the liturgy and through following the values taught in the Gospel of Jesus by:


The School recognises the dignity of every human person because s/he is a child of God and fosters an awareness of the world's poor. Equality of opportunity for every person is paramount and precludes all forms of discrimination on grounds of colour, gender, race, social class or ability. The School's aim is to nurture the spiritual, intellectual and physical growth of each pupil through an holistic approach which takes due note of the needs of every child while, at the same time, striving for excellence in all aspects of education in a secure environment.

Catholic Ethos


As a Catholic School, Christ is at the centre of all that we do at St. Michael & St Martin’s. We believe that each of us is created in God’s own image with our own unique skills and talents. We listen to and learn from the teachings of Jesus and use these as a model for how we work together as a community.


The Catholic Life of the school in enriched with whole school attendance at special Masses and Liturgies to celebrate key events of the liturgical year and children from different year groups take it in turn to prepare the readings and lead the Mass. All children from Y2-Y6 have the opportunity to prepare and lead a class mass, as well as take part in an examination of conscience and meditation during the year. Year 3 prepare and lead a thanksgiving Mass in the term following their First Holy Communion. Children in KS1 and EYFS have the chance to take part in a Sorry Service during Lent. Junior children take part in the Sacrament of Reconciliation twice a year during Advent and Lent.


We make time each day to come together in collective worship to give thanks to God for all that is good in our school. We teach children about prayer and give them opportunities for prayer several times throughout the school day as well as the chance to work in groups to prepare and lead a weekly collective worship in their classes.


The Deputy Head Teacher oversees a weekly Gospel assembly where children volunteer to prepare and share the Gospel with the school. All class assemblies have a strong religious focus and are shared with parents as well as the school community. The school is supported by our Parish Priest, Fr Austin, along with the resident priests in the Parish.