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PE Home Learning

Challenge Information for Week 3




As this week is National School Sport Week, we hope to join the annual campaign and celebrate the positive role PE and School Sport has on the wellbeing of young people! We encourage as many children as possible to get involved in the challenges and we can’t wait to see your students taking part! 



Monday 22nd June : Hit Every Beat Dance Challenge


Tuesday 23rd  June : Bicycle Crunch Challenge

Video: to be released on LYG website and social media channels tomorrow. 


Wednesday 24th June : Indian Dribble Hockey Challenge

Video: to be released on LYG website and social media channels Wednesday.




Hi Children I hope you are all doing your best to keep fit and healthy.


Please find attached Gymnastic routines and exercises that we have practised during our PE Lessons in school.

Ignore the age related emphasis and have a go at doing all the exercises that don't require apparatus.


Have fun and get flexible!




We would like to introduce our parents and young people to this free PE resource. 

This resource allows young people to explore different skills, practice these skills in a fun and competitive way and to develop these skills into other areas of the curriculum.  The resources are fully differentiated and can be completed all at once or in parts.  The PDF document below allows you to access links to videos, documents and resources that support learning.

Physical Activity at Home


We hope your child or children are doing the recommended 60 minutes of daily physical activity at home. This can be done in the form of playing games, obstacle courses, playing a specific sport or doing general fitness and movement activities.


We hope you have managed to access the SPIDERfit Kids resources which was previously recommended.


Whether you are looking for a fast and fun activity to do with your kids, or an entire program, SPIDERfit Kids provides you with videos and other information for ideas and inspiration.

These activities are ideal for kids age 5-10, however they are also beneficial for adults. 


A great way of encouraging your child to do more physical activity is to do it along with them.


Please click on the link which will enable you to register and download relevant free resources.


Also, another great free resource your children can access is ‘Joy of Moving’ programme designed to inspire active lifestyles in children. Its aim is to teach children how to enjoy moving through play, and to help them develop positive habits for adulthood.

Beyond this booklet, you can find many more games that your family can do on the Joy of Moving website -


As long as the children are recognising the importance of doing regular physical activity on a daily basis – their physical needs and well-being will be met during these unprecedented times. 

Please keep fit and keep safe!


**Updated 20th April 2020**‚Äč 


Hi Everyone!


I hope you are all keeping safe and well.


We have teamed up with Kids Run Free and we have been working hard to come up with ideas to keep everyone active during the lockdown. 


Here is the link to our new Lockdown Activity Hub:


If you scroll down you will see links to all we have created so far including YouTube and Social Media channels, all our paper KM logs and now our Physical Activity Cards link which will direct you to all our Activity Hub games.


If parents or older children/teenagers want to take on something a bit more challenging we have included  a link to our sister company Raceways Covid-19 Virtual Race - but please make sure you exercise social distancing and do not run in groups if you decide to take this on.


Look forward to hearing all about your physical progress soon.


Keep safe and well.


Many thanks,


Mr Bell and Kids Run Free


Hi St Michael and St Martin’s Community!


I hope everyone is keeping well and safe during this difficult time. 


I really hope you are all doing your best to aim for at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day.


I would really like the children to participate and practice the sessions SPIDERfit kids are delivering, as it best fits with our school’s ethos in PE.


But It’s now time for some fun! 


Clear a safe space and get ready to move with sessions from SPIDERfit Kids on YOUTUBE.


Go to:


These short physical education lessons are designed to not only get your kids moving, but to improve body awareness, coordination, and even fitness! 


Each day they will also be presenting fun challenges, like “eating 2 vegetables with dinner” or “helping someone in your family”.


In addition to these live classes, they will be posting individual activities through all of their social media outlets. They have also made their online membership site, The Powerful Playground, free and open for everyone. Just go to



We also think you will like the creative PE activities and fun games like the one below.


Check out the ‘Keeping Kids in Motion’ website :





Dear Parents,

In Partnership with the PE PASSPORT (the school's PE scheme) we have access to a range of physical activities we would like the children to do during this unprecedented period. Please use the link below.

Please use these activities as a guide and allow children to draw on activities they have previously done during PE lessons.

Children need to aim to do at least 60 mins of Physical Activity each day, whilst doing their best to eat a healthy diet.

The content is designed to provide fun and engaging challenges to be attempted at home and as families. We have added Dance, Yoga, Hand/Eye Coordination skills and Personal Challenges. We will be updating the content daily over the next week and we hope the resources available will help you and your family stay active during the closure. We have also provided external links to other websites that might prove useful to parents and carers whilst at home.

I will also start up-loading videos of myself doing 10 or 20-minute fitness videos which will focus on improving general fitness, co-ordination and movement.

Please continue with your own personal fitness challenges on a daily basis too.

As always if you have any questions or require any further information please don't hesitate to get in touch with myself via email:

Best wishes and please keep each other safe.

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Mr Bell