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Internet Safety

If you Share, do it with Care

This episode looks at another angle of communicating online. It touches on the idea that sometimes what you think is shared privately is not always under your control, and also that the internet is a medium over which information can spread extremely quickly, going beyond one's full control.


This episode looks at cyberbullying and bullying in general and how best to deal with it. Bullying is generally a repeated behaviour that can hurt, humiliate, and make one feel isolated. Whether it happens online, or offline, you need to tell a trusted adult and confront the problem.

SID TV 2019: 'Surf' feat. Christian Foley - film for 11-14 year olds

"Surf" is a music video featuring spoken word artist Christian Foley and dancers from the Street Factory hip hop studio in Plymouth. The film encourages consideration of both the consent we give and the consent we ask from others in a connected world. Christian is a musician, poet, writer and teacher.