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Whole School Free Celebration of Languages Mufti Day - Friday 24th September 2021

22nd September 2021


Dear Parents / Carers


Throughout this week we have been holding a Celebration of Languages Week here at school when, as a whole school, we will be sampling a variety of the 35+ different languages spoken by some of our pupils and learning about the various cultures of these countries. 


To mark the end of the week, we will hold a special free (national costume) mufti day on Friday 24th September.  Please note that only traditional national / regional or folk costumes such as saris, mundus, shalwar kameez, kilts, Irish country dancing outfits, barong tagalog, mestiza, kimono and so on will be acceptable.  If this is not possible, your child may wear something in the ‘colours’ of their country.  Please note: no football kits or joke hats / similar please.